Occupational Therapy

Occupational Health is a moderately new branch of medicine that comprises of prevention of work-related diseases, safe working practices, ergonomics, promotion and preservation of physical, emotional and social well-being of workers in all occupations.

Usually health professionals work as occupational health workers. The aim of the occupational health professional is to figure out the impact of the work on the employee and assess the eligibility of the employee to the particular job. They also carry the responsibility of assessing and preventing work related risk factors and diseases.

Occupational Health Problems

Occupational health problems may affect the employee due to a variety of reasons. Common occupational health hazards include any injury such as cuts, fractures or sprains, strains, amputations, repetitive motion disorders, hearing problems due to excess noise exposure, blindness or any vision problems, illness due to inhalation, touching or ingesting noxious substances, exposure to radiation and any exposure to microorganisms in healthcare settings.

Occupational Health Service

Occupational health services are responsible for establishing and maintaining a secure, healthy, hazard free work environment to facilitate optimal physical and mental health of the employees in relation to the work and adaptation of the work practice. The services of occupational health include:

  • Identifying and assessing the associated risk factors causing health problems in the work place; This process involves inspection of factors in the working environment and the type of the work affecting the health of employees. It requires a systemic analysis of occupational accidents and diseases.
  • Investigations of worker's health in relation to their work
  • Guiding the organization to plan the work practices including conception of a safe work environment, evaluation or maintenance of equipment or other substances required in the occupation and helping the worker to adapt to the work
  • Provide occupational rehabilitation to employees of working age and assist the unemployed due to illness or disability to return to their employment
  • Organization of first aid and emergency treatments for employees
  • Provide knowledge, training, and education on occupational health, hygiene and safety including instruction on ergonomics and use of protective equipment